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We want to work with our dental customers to address any issues with our SomnoDent devices.

SomnoMed® warrants all SomnoDent oral devices to be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for up to 36 months, depending on the product1. Warranty starts from the date of shipment from SomnoMed to the providing Dentist.

If unsatisfactory material performance is experienced within the service warranty period, the repair or replacement of the device, excluding clinical costs, is covered. The dentist may choose another device upon replacement and will be charged the difference if greater than the original purchase price. (SomnoMed gives no warranty that the SomnoDent will be efficacious in the treatment of snoring or Obstructive Sleep Apnea.)

If your case reveals that a repair, reline, or replacement must be made due to an error in bite registration, impressions, misinformation, or wrong device selection on the order form that SomnoMed received, repair or replacement decision will be made by SomnoMed, warranty is voided, and the dental practice will be charged for the repair or replacement.2

Returning your SomnoDent Case: Warranty repair work may only be completed by an authorized SomnoMed facility. The device must come from the dentist, not the patient. Dentists should send the device, original models & bite for repairs along with the repair form (click here for more info) Do not include any accessories. We will not issue new accessories with device repairs. Warranty will be voided if any structural changes are made to the device.

Examples of non-covered warranty returns: Device breakage not during normal use, pet chewing, exposure to excessive heat, exposure to caustic cleaners, and patient having dental work post order placement.

SomnoDent Case Requirements: Should your case not meet the requirements for manufacturing; your case will be placed on hold and we will notify your office of what is needed and discuss what is required. This may result in a delay in your cases.


I. Lab Form / Rx

  • Fully completed SomnoDent Lab Form with the patient identifier, device type, device retention, and dentist signature. (See Link Here)
    • If no device is selected SomnoMed will place the case on hold and notify the office for device selection.
    • If no retention is selected, SomnoMed will proceed with the case with SMH B-Flex as the retention type.

II. Scan Quality – Intraoral Scanning

  • No large holes (>0.5mm diameter) within scanned file mesh (Note: Some small holes (<0.5mm diameter) are normal and acceptable, but is at the lab’s discretion)
  • Limit unnecessary details (e.g. lips, tongue, cheeks) (Note: Scans that include unnecessary details may have reduced accuracy in these areas)

Should the dentist choose to proceed with scans containing holes > 0.5mm, SomnoMed will not warrant any fit/retention related events for that device

III. Impression Coverage, Extension, and Distortion

  • Coverage of all teeth including some portion of last teeth (Terminal molars)
  • Soft tissue to 5.0mm beyond gingival margin at all lingual and buccal of molars
  • Teeth and soft tissue to 2.0mm beyond gingival margin at facial surfaces of anterior and premolars
  • No large voids, pulls, or drags (>1.0 mm diameter) (Note: Impressions / Models that include unnecessary details or do not include necessary details the record may have reduced accuracy in these areas)
    • If the doctor chooses to proceed with cases with large distortions / pulls or not enough gingival is captured, SomnoMed will not warrant any fit/retention related events for that device.

IV. Bite & Occlusion

  • If the midline shift is greater than 2.0mm is unnoted on the order form, SomnoMed will hold the case and contact the office to verify the deviation.
  • Minimum occlusal Vertical Dimension (OVD) of 3.0mm clearance between two closest teeth in opposing arches is required for production
    • If the dentist chooses to proceed with the bite that does not meet our required 3.0mm vertical clearance. SomnoMed will only offer a full warranty on device breakage and will not provide a warranty on device fit. Dental customer will pay full charge for a reset or replacement due to bite-related problems.

V. Optional Feature Requirements

The SomnoDent device will be fabricated to cover to the mesial ½ of last available molar as standard protocol

  • Distal Wrap – Soft tissue to 5mm beyond gingival margin for buccal of molars
    1. Minimum of 3.0mm clearance between two closest teeth in opposing arches (including distal of last present teeth)
  • Metal Reinforcement of Occlusion – Minimum of 5.0mm clearance between two closest teeth in opposing arches is required.
  • Breathing Hole – Minimum of 5mm clearance between two closest opening anterior teeth is required
  • Dentitrac Compliance Recorder – Extension of 7mm in lower posterior regions on the left side is required
  • Edentulous – Coverage of entirety of Mx palate & Bite rims are needed
    1. Should any of the requirements not be met your case will be placed on hold and office notified.


Shelf Product and SomTabs Returns Timeframe:

  • Shelf Products Return: SomGauge handles and forks, Product Demos and ALPHA devices, must be returned unused and unopened within 30 days in order to receive a full refund.
  • SomTabs Returns: SomTabs returns are handled through and their return policy, which may be accessed in the Help and Customer Service section of their website.


1All SomnoDent products have a 3-year warranty, with the exception of AIR and AIR+ which have a 1-year standard warranty, with additional warranty available for purchase.
2 In order to ensure a positive end-user experience, please remember that SomnoMed is responsible for the manufacturing of the device, and the clinician is responsible for the clinical suitability of the device.

Products: SomnoDent Warranty Lengths

SomnoDent Warranty

SomnoDent Warranty: Signature Line 

  • Fusion, Flex, Classic, SUAD, and SUAD Ultra – 3 years

SomnoDent Warranty: Standard Line

  • Morning Repositioner, AIR, and AIR+ – 1 year
  • Herbst Advance – 3 years, Medicare; 2 years Non-Medicare

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