How To Find Or Become A SomnoMed Provider

Our mission is to provide both customers and patients with the highest quality products and services for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). 

Are you a dentist looking to prescribe SomnoMed devices, a physician looking for a sleep dentist to whom to refer patients, or a patient seeking an effective treatment for OSA? Read on to learn how we help dentists grow their practices, help sleep physicians find referral partners, and help patients on their journey to effective treatment with a SomnoMed device!


SomnoMed For Dentists

Here at SomnoMed, we are committed to working with dentists to help build their practices and change their patients’ lives with SomnoDent® oral devices. Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) increase the risk of severe health problems, and our oral appliances are clinically proven to effectively (and comfortably!) treat snoring and mild to moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

We help dentists:

  • Get patients treated for OSA 
  • Provide patients with the best technology in dental sleep medicine
  • Grow dentists’ Dental Sleep Medicine practices

Dentists can join us in treating more OSA patients, more effectively here:

SomnoMed For Physicians

Dentists work together with sleep physicians to diagnose and identify the most effective treatment for each patient. Here at SomnoMed, we work equally with dentists and sleep physicians to help them treat their patients and address the ever-increasing burden of OSA. 

We help sleep physicians:

• Find a trusted sleep dentist they can work with in the long term
• Address misconceptions about oral appliances
• Promote and conduct clinical research in oral appliances
• Position oral appliances as a first-line therapy for mild and moderate OSA, and for patients who refuse or give up on CPAP

Physicians can contact us to find out more here:

SomnoMed For Patients

At SomnoMed, we believe that comfortable, custom-made oral appliances like SomnoDent® are an effective, first-line treatment for mild and moderate OSA. They are also the alternative OSA treatment for patients who are non-compliant or won’t try CPAP. Our oral appliances are FDA-cleared, custom-fitted, and, in most cases, insurance and Medicare approved! The appliance works by moving the lower jaw forward, clearing the airway and giving patients a safe and soundless sleep.

Whether a patient has been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) by a sleep physician and is ready to visit a sleep dentist, or is still at the very beginning of their OSA journey and still requires a proper sleep apnea diagnosis, we’re here to help patients find the proper providers in their area. Every patient is different, and we assist with each unique journey to finding a solution.

Patients – start your journey to a better night’s rest here:

Why SomnoMed Devices

Both compliance and efficacy should be considered in the treatment of OSA. According to a published study1, custom-made oral devices offer clear, definable advantages, demonstrating significant clinical effectiveness, patient preference, and adherence. 

Further, oral appliances should be considered first-line treatment for patients with symptomatic mild to moderate OSA, as most patients prefer this treatment to CPAP2 – and both treatments have been shown to be effective. At SomnoMed, we provide comfortable and successful first-line therapy or an effective CPAP alternative.

Are you ready to give yourself, your partner, and/or your patients a better night’s rest? Now you know where to begin. Join us – we’re here to help treat more OSA patients, more effectively!


1. Johal et al “Ready-made versus custom-made mandibular advancement appliances in obstructive sleep apnea: A systematic review and                      meta-analysis” Sleep Res. 2018;27

2. Ferguson “A short-term controlled trial of an adjustable oral appliance for the treatment of mild to moderate OSA” Thorax 1997; 52;362-36

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