Objectively measured health outcomes in oral appliances vs. CPAP

When considering objective (i.e., measurable) health outcomes, Oral appliances and CPAP have similar outcomes.

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Sleep & cardiology effects

  • In a 2013 study following 667 patients for 96 months (or 6.5 years), Anandam and colleagues found no difference in cardiovascular mortality between patients using CPAP and oral appliances.
  • This was despite the residual AHI being higher in the patients with oral appliances than CPAP (16 ± 5.1 vs. 4.5 ± 2.3).
  • This was offset by greater use of the oral appliance per night – CPAP use for 5.8 ± 1.6 hours vs oral appliance use for 6.5 ± 1.2 hours.
  • Not treating OSA increased the risk of cardiovascular mortality by 6.5 times.

CPAP and Oral appliances in blood pressure control.

  • A network meta-analysis published by Bratton and colleagues in 2015 did not show a difference between CPAP and oral appliances in blood pressure outcomes.

  • There was no difference in either systolic or diastolic pressure (data not shown)
References: 1. (Schmidt-Nowara et al.,1995) 2. (Engleman et al.,2004), (Naismith et al., 2005), 3. (Gagnadoux et al., 2009)

Functional measured outcomes – oral appliances vs. CPAP

  • In measures that are important to patients and their partners, CPAP performs better in controlling snoring (by promoting nasal breathing), but oral appliance therapy performs better on quality-of-life measures (as patients generally don’t like wearing CPAP masks).
  • “Oral appliance therapy was very effective at reducing AHI and was associated with a higher reported compliance that that observed on CPAP. Both treatments improved functional outcomes in a similar way” Gagnandoux et al., 2009.

Every patient is different and we have helped individual patients on their journey in finding a solution.

Find out what they went through and how it feels to wear a SomnoDent® oral appliance.

Patient stories

Derek’s story

“Before I found my sleep dentist I was sleeping with my CPAP device. This posed several problems for me. Most are the obvious: wearing the CPAP mask, trying to sleep with a hose attached to your face, having to travel with it, and then my allergy issues became more severe.

Maintenance is a pain as well. My SomnoDent® device has allowed me to enjoy life a bit more without the hassle of a CPAP. And, there is the added benefit of not having to make sure I have a source of power available. Which means, I can go camping again! I would recommend the SomnoDent® device to anyone with obstructive sleep apnea. It is life changing.”

- Derek

Izy’s story

For years I fought with my CPAP, I literally tried 15 masks and I will never ever go back to CPAP after discovering SomnoDent®. I love it and so does my family because they can finally sleep in peace.

I can carry it, no more lugging around that extra CPAP baggage, I just throw my SomnoDent® device and case in my backpack and keep going. I truly am a big fan and if I can encourage others to switch to SomnoMed®, I know for a fact their quality of life would improve tremendously. Here’s another thing, I had a problem with grinding my teeth at night, not anymore!

- Izy

Mandy & Al Mermelftein's story

Borris’ story

Although a bit reticent at first in the use of this tool, once I began using it and finding out how good a night’s sleep I could have after so many years of bad nights and untold other alternatives which always proved useless, I am now happy to let you know that thanks to SomnoMed® I am able to sleep very well and also that my wife can now enjoy a good night’s sleep without my racket at night.

- Borris

Susan’s story

“With a household to manage, motherhood, night school for advanced degrees, and two jobs – good sleep seemed an unattainable goal. Over the years of sleep deprivation, my health steadily declined with resultant hypertension, chronic sinusitis, and eventually atrial fibrillation.

I had a sleep study that showed moderate obstructive sleep apnea. A second study to fit a CPAP mask was a dismal failure – 14 different masks and nothing fit.

My dentist suggested a SomnoDent® and my life has turned around since I received it.  My husband is delighted that I no longer snore. I’m off my blood pressure medications. I truly feel like a new person with much more energy. I can’t thank you folks enough for my SomnoDent®. I’m convinced it has literally saved my life.”

- Susan

Shirley's, Jesus' & April's stories