SLEEP 2022

This year, SomnoMed attended the world’s premier forum on sleep medicine and sleep and circadian research: SLEEP 2022, in Charlotte, NC. There, our full team of North American Business Development Representatives met with hundreds of sleep physicians to bring increased awareness to SomnoMed’s Medical Initiative – with overwhelmingly positive results.


About SLEEP 2022 

The SLEEP conference is the annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, LLC (APSS), a joint venture of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and the Sleep Research Society (SRS). This meeting has been attended by nearly 100,000 sleep medicine professionals since its inception over 33 years ago. Each year, a diverse and dedicated group of attendees, speakers, and exhibitors come together to contribute to the advancement of sleep medicine.

About SomnoMed’s Medical Initiative 

Featured: Michael Howell, MD, Arthur Feigenbaum DMD, D-ABDSM, Michael Adame, DDS, Jonathan Lown, MD, and Peter Ottavio, DO seated at the SLEEP 2022 session: “What Can Dentists and Physicians Learn From Each Other When Treating OSA?”

Collaborations between physicians, dentists, and DME companies using a patient-centric approach will enable and foster successful OSA treatment, regardless of therapy. That’s why SomnoMed helps sleep physicians:

  • To find a trusted sleep dentist they can work with in the long-term
  • Address misconceptions about oral appliances
  • Promote and conduct clinical research in oral appliances
  • Position oral appliances as a first-line therapy for mild and moderate OSA, and for patients who refuse or give up on CPAP

As more and more sleep physicians recognize and accept the clinical treatment value of oral appliance therapy as a preferred – and potentially more effective choice – for many of their OSA patients, they’re turning to SomnoMed for the “HOW?”. In essence, SomnoMed’s Medical Initiative is quickly building oral appliance patient treatment pathways, in collaboration with key industry players in medical specialties, sleep diagnostics, home sleep testing, DME, and telemedicine. 

Perhaps even more important than these simplified, frictionless treatment pathways is the “WHO?” included in SomnoMed’s Medical Initiative. Prescribers, above all, are seeking qualified, trusted sleep dentists with whom they can partner to Treat More Patients, More Effectively. At SLEEP 2022, SomnoMed introduced many prescribers to such sleep dentists, with many more introductions to be made from the strong interest that sleep physicians expressed at the event.  

Through our Medical Initiative, SomnoMed’s broad network of highly qualified sleep dentists is answering both the “How? and the “Who?” addressed above, as sleep physician interest in Oral Appliance Therapy exponentially grows.

Join us – and the many other dentists and sleep physicians who have already partnered with us in this initiative – as we bring more OSA patients into more successful treatment.

Sleep physicians, contact us here:

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SomnoMed at SLEEP 2022:


SomnoMed BDM team

Featured: SomnoMed Business Development Manager Team. Ramsey LeBlanc, Michael Hawn, Peter Kalsch, Peggy Topczij, Mark Durston, Spencer Levin and Matthew Allard.

SomnoMed’s Medical Initiative in action: 

Featured: Dr. Dana Blalock and Dr. Sue Ellen Richardson with Matthew Allard.

Featured: George T. Nierenberg and Omar E. Burschtin, MD NYU Langone Health with Peggy Topczij.


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