SomnoMed Academy: Interactive Learning For Sleep Apnea Professionals

At SomnoMed®, we strive with both the dental and healthcare communities to support and maximize  adherence to Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). To achieve patient adherence means helping sleep dentists and their staff continuously grow their knowledge, so they can positively impact patients’ lives by effectively treating their OSA with Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT).


SomnoMed® offers many different training programs for our sleep dental partners, under the banner of the SomnoMed Academy. Dentists and staff can learn at their own pace, take interactive quizzes, get tips to grow their practice, and more. SomnoMed Academy is a dentist’s online dental sleep education portal for their practice.

SomnoMed Academy Is A Learning Hub For Dentists

The courses and information provided within SomnoMed Academy are conducted by leading industry professionals who harbor the appropriate skill set and experience practicing in the sleep apnea field. When dentists join the SomnoMed community by enrolling in SomnoMed Academy, they gain access to:

  • A comprehensive sleep dental training program
  • Training videos on the use of the SomGauge to provide a comfortable bite record for patients
  • Tips and tricks for IOS scanning and providing an intra-oral scan, regardless of the IOS scanner dentists use
  • Presentations from SomnoMed® sponsored sleep meetings around the world

About SomnoMed Academy Courses

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Upon registering and acceptance for SomnoMed Academy, dentists and staff can create their own account and go on to learn at their own pace, with the ability to come back to areas where they may need more information. Courses can be accessed anytime and anywhere, from a mobile phone, laptop, iPad, and other devices. This access to free resources and benefits can help with next steps in the journey to a successful dental sleep medicine practice.

SomnoMed Academy courses cover everything from initial appointment, to submitting a first case, to final device fitting and follow-up. SomnoMed® also reviews fitting and titration of the oral appliance. With SomnoMed Academy, dentists and staff will learn everything they need to know to get started successfully treating patients with Oral Appliance Therapy.

SomnoMed Academy Course Structure

During SomnoMed Academy, dentists create their own account and learn at their own pace, with the helpful opportunity to revisit certain areas. SomnoMed Academy course structure is as follows:

  • Course 1 – Initial Appointment (how to determine if a patient is a candidate for Oral Appliance Therapy)
  • Course 2 – How to Send Your First Case (instructions on how to take the right bite registration and impressions)
  • Course 3 – Follow Up Appointment (key elements to check during follow-up appointments with patients)
  • Course 4 – Repairs and Remakes (learn what needs to be done if there is a repair or remake case)

Upon Completion of the modules and account set-up, a dental practice will be eligible for a discount off of their first 3 cases!  These discounts are limited only to the practicing dentist.

Join SomnoMed Academy

Here at SomnoMed®, we want to be the preferred choice of online dental sleep education. SomnoMed® remains the global leader in Open Airway Therapy (OAT) devices for the treatment of mild-to-moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). We’ve innovated OSA treatment options since 2004, and each of our custom-made devices are designed with patient comfort and therapy effectiveness as top priorities.

Get started with SomnoMed Academy today!


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