What Is SomnoMed’s Medical Initiative?

At SomnoMed®, we understand that in many markets, patients receive CPAP as first-line therapy for OSA treatment. However, CPAP isn’t for everyone. Our Medical Initiative looks to address the reasons why oral appliance therapy is not prescribed as first-line treatment – and strives to change that.


What Is Our Medical Initiative?

There are so many challenges that come into play from the OSA screening process to therapy. These include but are not limited to access, education, and awareness. That’s why, here at SomnoMed, we’re rolling up our sleeves in pursuit of a common, universal commitment: to bring more patients into more successful OSA treatment, regardless of therapy. 

According to a recent global patient survey conducted by Philips, 25% – 30% of individuals potentially suffering from OSA are afraid of taking a sleep test – as they believe that the treatment is worse than the condition itself – or would simply refuse to use a CPAP machine. That’s why our Medical Initiative encompasses working equally with dentists and sleep physicians to help them treat their patients and address the ever-increasing burden of OSA.

How Does Our Medical Initiative Work? 

Collaborations between physicians, dentists, and DME companies using a patient-centric approach will enable and foster successful OSA treatment, regardless of therapy. That’s why we help sleep physicians:

  • To find a trusted sleep dentist they can work with in the long-term
  • Address misconceptions about oral appliances
  • Promote and conduct clinical research in oral appliances
  • Position oral appliances as a first-line therapy for mild and moderate OSA, and for patients who refuse or give up on CPAP

As sleep medicine physician Kathy Wilson, MD states: “The gold standard is unique to each patient. We must find ways to work across professions and specialties to get each patient the right therapy, regardless of their point of care.”

How Can You Join Our Medical Initiative?

All of us here at SomnoMed are dedicated to the balance between medical and dental partners, to ultimately treat more patients, more effectively. 

There is no denying that CPAP is an efficacious treatment for OSA – however, it’s not right for everyone. Comfortable, custom-made oral appliances like SomnoDent® are an effective treatment for mild and moderate OSA, and are the alternative OSA treatment for patients who are non-compliant or won’t try CPAP.

It’s our role to work in sync and in balance with one another, to ultimately get the right therapy for the right patients. 

Join us – and the many other dentists and sleep physicians who have already partnered with us in this initiative – as we bring more OSA patients into more successful treatment.

Sleep physicians, contact us here: https://somnomed.com/en/physicians/physicians-contact/

Dentists, reach out to us here: https://somnomed.com/en/dentists/dentists-contact/

Compare CPAP and oral appliances over a whole night’s sleep here: https://effectivenessequation.com/

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