Why You Should Join SomnoMed Academy

At SomnoMed®, we strongly believe that dentists can dramatically impact patients’ lives by providing them with an effective oral appliance, which will treat their OSA and improve their quality of sleep. SomnoMed® supports sleep dentistry via the SomnoMed Academy training program. In this article, we dive into how you enroll, what courses entail, how you can grow your practice with us, and more!


About SomnoMed Academy

SomnoMed® remains the global leader in Open Airway Therapy (OAT) devices for the treatment of mild-to-moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). We’ve innovated OSA treatment options since 2004, and each of our custom-made devices are designed with patient comfort and therapy effectiveness as top priorities. We work alongside the dental and healthcare communities to help support 100% therapy adherence in OSA treatment – and this means helping sleep dentists grow their knowledge and stay connected to sleep apnea professionals.

We created SomnoMed Academy to serve as your online dental sleep education portal for your practice. You can learn at your own pace, take interactive quizzes, access webinars and tips to grow your practice, and more. Joining our community means you gain access to free resources and benefits that will take your general practice to a successful dental sleep medicine practice.

Getting Started In SomnoMed Academy

The courses and information provided within SomnoMed Academy are conducted by leading industry professionals who harbor the appropriate skillset and experience practicing in the sleep apnea field. Upon registering, you can create your own account within SomnoMed Academy and go on to learn at your own pace, with the ability to come back to areas where you may need more information. You can access the courses anytime and anywhere from your mobile phone, laptop, iPad, and other devices.

SomnoMed Academy Courses

SomnoMed Academy courses cover everything from initial appointments, to your first case, to follow-up appointments, to repair and remakes, and more. During an initial appointment, for example, we work with you on how you should assess whether a patient is a candidate for an oral appliance, and help to ensure that your orders are complete. We also review how you can show your patients, after you fit their device, the ways in which to titrate and clean their devices during a follow-up appointment, and also how you can handle repair and remake cases. With SomnoMed Academy, you learn it all!

Join SomnoMed Academy

Here at SomnoMed®, we want to be your preferred choice of online dental sleep education. Get started with SomnoMed Academy today!

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