SomGauge is our autoclavable instrument for measuring accurate and consistent bite records. It is suitable for all custom-made SomnoDent appliances. 

SomGauge makes it easy to quickly capture the most accurate bite record. SomGauge also allows for measurement of the vertical opening with an adjustable ramp, resulting in the most comfortable and accurate oral appliance for your patient.

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SomGauge features

Accurate vertical opening
SomGauge provides 3mm of acrylic coverage across the whole bite resulting in a stronger device that is less prone to fracture.

More flexible adjustment
SomGauge’s proprietary adjustable ramp ensures even contact on anterior and posterior surfaces for a faster bite impression.

Easy to use
Ergonomic and reusable handle with clear protrusion indicators can be autoclaved for cleaning.

Economical with reusable handle
A SomGauge handle, 2 small and 2 large bite forks are supplied in every box. Two bite fork sizes allow for full coverage of patient jaw sizes.

Easy to clean and sterilize
SomGauge handle is autoclavable, unlike other bite registration devices. The reusable handle can be sterilized in your dental sterilizer.

Ideal starting position with SomGauge

The ideal starting position should be as protrusive as possible while still comfortable for the patient.

All SomnoMed oral appliances have protrusion built-in during manufacture. This ensures the patient will be in therapy from day 1. 

For most patients, 60-70% of centric to full protrusion is suitable for a starting position. The SomGauge allows you and your patient to find this starting point with ease and accuracy.

Watch the video on the right for tips and tricks on how to use the SomGauge.

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