Cleaning oral devices with SomTabs

Keeping your patients’ oral devices clean is important and SomnoMed recommends to use SomTabs to keep your patients’ devices in good condition.

SomTabs are cleaning tablets that have been specially developed to clean oral appliances safely and effectively. SomTabs gives your patient’s device a gentle and yet thorough clean; helping it to stay in pristine condition. SomTabs clean hard to reach areas of your patient’s device and effectively eliminates bacteria and odours.

SomTabs are available in a 3-month supply of 96 cleaning tablets per box and are exclusively available from SomnoMed®.

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Instructions on how to use SomTabs

Step 1:
Dissolving one tablet

Dissolve a SomTabs tablet in sufficient amounts of warm water to cover the oral appliance in the travel case (the water should be approximately 35°C/ 95°F).

*Warning: Never use hot water (> 45°C or >113 °F ) as hot water damages your device and will invalidate the warranty.

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Step 2: Remove strap for SomnoDent Avant - Start on the right hinge

If you have a SomnoDent Avant, please remove the strap first. Rotate the strap up until it is upright. Pull the right strap hole off the right hinge. Repeat for the left hinge.


Step 3: Slide the strap 

Slide the SomnoDent Avant strap around until the strap clip is at the white end of the strap. Pull the strap out of the strap clip.


Step 4: Place device in a fully dissolved solution

Carefully place your SomnoDent device in the travel case. All parts must be completely immersed in the cleaning solution.


Step 5: Wait for 15 minutes

Wait for 15 minutes as SomTabs cleans your device.


Step 6: Rinse strap

Meanwhile as you wait for the cleaning process, if you have a SomnoDent Avant, rinse the strap under cool running water.


Step 7: Wipe strap

Wipe the strap thoroughly dry and place it aside.


Step 8: Brush Device

After 15 minutes, remove the device from the travel case. Discard the SomTabs solution. Rinse and dry the travel case. Brush the device in running water to clean any hard to reach areas.

*Warning - Do not use toothpaste as it contains abrasives that may damage the device over time.


Step 9: Dry device

Dry the device carefully using a clean towel.



Step 10: SomnoDent Flex, Edentulous, Classic or Herbst Advance

If you have a SomnoDent Flex, Edentulous, Classic or Herbst Advance devices, clean the metal components with the small brush provided in the bottom of your travel case.



Step 11: Fitting strap back for SomnoDent Avant

For SomnoDent Avant, fit the strap back by holding the upper plate and press at the white end of the strap into the strap clip. Slide the strap around until the center is inside the strap clip.



Step 12: Fitting the strap on the hinge

Hold strap until it is upright. Press the right strap hole over the right hinge on the lower splint. Keep the strap upright and repeat for the left hinge.



Step 13: Storage

When not in use, the device should be stored as per your SomnoMed’s device instructions for use.


Important reminders about your patient's device and SomTabs

Keep tablets out of reach of children, domestic animals and those at risk of accidentally swallowing the tablet or solution. If swallowed seek immediate medical advice.

Not recommended for users with known hyper-sensitivity to Persulfates.

Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Caroate, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Sorbitol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Percarbonate, CI 73015.

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