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If you have been diagnosed with mild or moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnoea(OSA), SomnoDent® therapy may be just as effective as CPAP.

Let’s face facts. CPAP is a very effective treatment for OSA – but only if it is used all night.

Many things get in the way of a good night’s sleep with CPAP. You are connected to a hose that can stop you from turning over during the night. CPAP machines can be noisy, keeping you and your partner awake. And it’s uncomfortable wearing a mask while you are trying to get to sleep.

If you’ve tried wearing a CPAP mask and decided that CPAP is not for you, you are not alone.

Clinical studies have shown up to 20% of OSA sufferers chose not to start on CPAP, and up to 50% of CPAP patients have quit using it within one year.

It is important to treat your OSA, so an oral appliance, made precisely to fit your mouth shape and your teeth, can help you get a comfortable night’s sleep. No masks, no noise, no hose, and no device to connect to.

Talk to your Sleep Physician, dentist or GP about being referred for oral appliance treatment with a SomnoDent®

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Reasons why SomnoMed® leads the industry

Your personalised device made to medical standards

We make all our devices using the highest standards set for medical devices – we use the same quality procedures as pacemakers – to make sure we design and manufacture the appliance right for you each time.

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Cutting Edge technology

We use the latest technology – computer-assisted design and robot-controlled manufacturing combined with medical grade materials to ensure your device fits comfortably.

Helping patients globally with their sleep apnoea

We have teams in 28 countries - working with doctors and dentists to help them customize your device, so it fits comfortably first night, every night.

b-flex Comfort Liner - The secret to a comfortable night's sleep 

SomnoMed®'s proprietary b-flex Comfort Liner is a soft inner liner that supports and cushions the device against your teeth.
b-flex Comfort Liner makes your oral device more comfortable, so you can wear it all night.

Global manufacturing centre of excellence

SomnoMed® employs over 350 people in our centralised high tech manufacturing facility to customise sleep apnoea devices just for you. 

Why should I trust SomnoMed® with my sleep apnoea treatment?

SomnoMed® is the world’s largest supplier of oral sleep apnoea devices, operating in 28 countries. Since 2004, we’ve helped patients have a comfortable night’s sleep while effectively treating their sleep apnoea.

We’ll make your device to the same medical device quality standards that are used for pacemakers to make sure your device is comfortable for your first night – and every night’s sleep.

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Why can’t I use an off the shelf oral sleep device?

Why does my sleep apnoea device need to be custom made?

The key to a good night’s sleep is a comfortable device. A boil and bite sleep apnoea device that you mould to your teeth is cheaper, but studies show they are less comfortable, less effective and are worn less than oral appliances like SomnoDent® that is made specifically for you.

See a review on Boil and bite devices by Dr. Vik Veer (ENT Surgeon)

Why should I get my oral sleep device custom made by a dentist?

Sometimes, your doctor may recommend an off the shelf oral appliance. These are commonly called “boil and bite” devices, as you put them in boiling water to make the plastic soft, and then bite into them to mould them to your teeth. However, clinical studies have shown that oral appliances that are custom made for your mouth and teeth are superior to boil and bite devices. See below a summary of clinical studies.

On average, custom made devices reduce apnoea events by 23% more for mild sleep apnoea sufferers when compared to boil and bite devices. Therefore, a custom made device is more likely to be effective in reducing apnoea events.

In one study, sleep apnoea sufferers agreed that they were less sleepy the next day after they wore a custom-made appliance compared to a boil and bite appliance.

A custom made device is more comfortable, so sleep apnoea sufferers can wear them for most of the night. One clinical trial showed an average of 6.5 hours of use for a custom made oral device vs. 5 hours for a boil and bite.

74% of patients, in one study, preferred custom-made oral devices over a boil and bite.

Reference: Johal et al “Ready-made versus custom-made mandibular advancement appliances in obstructive sleep apnoea: A systematic review and meta-analysis” Sleep Res. 2018;27

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Patient stories

Michael’s story 

“I have been using my Somnomed® device for about two years now. It has completely improved the quality of sleep that I get and consequently certain aspects of my life for the better.

On the rare occasion that I forget to put it in the device my sleep deteriorates immediately. It’s invaluable.” Read more

Liz’s story

“Having suffered jaw and tooth pain over several months and following several appointments with my GP and regular dentist to no avail, I asked April (dentist) if she could give me a second opinion. After careful consultation April suggested that sleep apnoea and teeth grinding might be behind the issues and recommended a Somnomed® device to wear at night. Read more

Simon’s story

“My name is Simon Wilsdon I am a general dentist in York with a special interest in dental sleep medicine. Over several years I have experienced mild sleep apnoea and, unfortunately for my wife, loud snoring. I have tried several different mandibular advancement devices over the years. These have given initial improvement but nothing long lasting and were uncomfortable over time. After investigating different options, I decided to give the new SomnoMed® Avant appliance a try. Read more

Mohammed’s story

Mohammed was diagnosed with Severe Sleep Apnoea in 2018.

“For the first year after my diagnosis, I had a CPAP machine in the home, but I really struggled with it, due to the anxiety of the mask being on my face all night. When I saw my Sleep Consultant, I was advised that I should not drive, and my driving license has now been revoked for more than 2 years. I have a family at home, with four children, so having no driving license has really affected our day-to-day lives. Little things like food shopping and trips out are much more difficult. Read more

Roy’s story

Like many people, l became aware that l was snoring during the night and feeling tired in the morning. This led me down the route of seeing my GP who felt l may have obstructive sleep apnoea and referred me to the hospital for further tests. There, l was given the Epworth Sleep Study questionnaire to complete which indicated l had daytime sleepiness but not severely. However further investigation was necessary and an overnight hospital stay was arranged where l had a sleep study conducted. Read more

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