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The SomnoBrux® splint is a custom fit, acrylic splint (dental guard) for your patient’s upper teeth designed to protect their teeth from grinding and scraping during bruxism.

As it comes custom made for your patient’s teeth, you don’t have to make it fit by boiling the device and getting your patient to bite into it – making it much more comfortable. 

How does SomnoBrux work?

SomnoBrux® provides a protective barrier between your patients’ upper and lower teeth. By creating a physical barrier, it helps to protect teeth from grinding damage.

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SomnoBrux on Typodont

Is SomnoBrux® comfortable?

The custom-made SomnoBrux® will fit comfortably over your patient’s upper teeth. While wearing the device, your patient will be able to fully open and close their mouth, yawn, drink, take tablets and even speak clearly.

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Bruxism patients ask for more comfort

We understand that comfort is an important factor leading to patient compliance 

The b-flex Comfort Liner cradles and supports each tooth, reducing pressure on the teeth that can cause discomfort and move teeth. View the b-flex animation video on the right to see how it works.

The b-flex Comfort Liner is used on our SomnoBrux® range, as well as many of our SomnoDent® products

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One design does not fit all!!

We understand that patient treatments are not ‘one-design-fits-all’ and offer additional add-ons to take in personal factors. We offer add-ons such as:

Canine rises: Discluding element for latero-protrusive movements.

Anterior ramp: Discluding element for latero-protrusive movements.

Flat plane: A smooth, flat surface to ensure the antagonistic arch is not locked, and without cuspal indentations.

Interdigitation: Options of mild to strong interdigitation required for the arch.

No posterior contacts: Contacts on anteriors only.

Lingualless: Personalised for patients with high gag-reflex, claustrophobia, or passive fit on post-orthodontic treatment; fixed retainers.

Acculiner: An orthodontic articulator that allows horizontal and vertical adjustments to the temporomandibular joint, that can open or close Occlusal Vertical Dimensions (OVD) without retrusion.

Clasps: Options of ball or adam clasps to aid retention.