At SomnoMed, we are committed to making patient treatment seamless. To transform the way you order from SomnoMed, we have developed SomAccount, our new Customer Portal that allows dental professionals to order their devices easily online.

Introducing SomAccount

This portal allows you to save your preference, send IOS records and view and pay invoices. 

If you are an existing customer, please get in touch with us to verify your details to ensure a smooth transition for your online ordering. Please call us at 1800 445 660 or click the link below to fill in your details.

For new customers, please contact us to create your account or email us at

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"I have been practicing Dental Sleep Medicine for over 20 years and was recently able to trial the SomAccount portal. 20 odd years ago I would take impressions and enclose a handwritten lab form and post the impressions and lab form and then take time to check the account and cross reference and pay for the appliance. Now I have discovered a positive change to my practice in using the SomAccount portal to replace lab forms and the ability to be able to track appliances and manage the lab fees easily. The portal is very easy to navigate and has certainly saved time and easy to learn even for an old fella!"

– Rob Shea, Harley Dental Sleep Medicine Clinic



This video will show existing customers how to reset your password to login to your account and for new customers show you how to request an account with SomnoMed.


This video will show you the steps to order a SomnoDent MAS from SomnoMed. You will learn how to configure your device, add patient and referring specialist…


This video will show you the steps to order a SomnoBrux from SomnoMed. You will learn how to configure your device, add patient and referring specialist…


This video shows you how to submit a repair or return request of a patient device to SomnoMed, allows you to check the serial number and warranty status of…


In this video we show you how to request a courier online to collect models, impressions or devices from your practice to send to SomnoMed.


This video shows you how to review your paid and unpaid orders in the system, how to make a payment to SomnoMed through SomAccount or view your invoices…


The email you are using may not match the email we have listed on your account, please contact us on (02) 9467 0400 and press 2 to speak with our customer service team or submit a request to update your email here at our SomAccount Verification Website

Individual log ins are essential for SomnoMed’s ordering process. If you do not wish to provide a personalised email address we can create one for you based off your clinic’s centralised email address. 

For example becomes This will allow you to have an individual log in but receive all notifications to a centralised email.

Alternatively, a centralised login can be provided which will require you to select which clinician is placing the order once you have logged in.

Please contact us on (02) 9467 0400 and press 2 to speak with our customer service team or submit a request to update your email using the format above at our SomAccount Verification Website.

Please note that there are two stages of device configuration, one at the device selection stage and one at the patient configuration stage. If you do need to provide additional notes you can use the additional notes field at the patient configuration stage. The “Create an Order” video provides you with information on these stages.

We have set up the initial stage of configuration based off the most used configurations requested. This will allow customers to configure the standard device to suit their regular configurations and add it as a ‘preference’ device. The second stage of configuration relates to more patient specific configurations that would not usually be used in all cases.

Only one oral appliance can be added to the cart at a time. Please submit an additional order if you wish to order more than one appliance for the same patient.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you are concerned you have made a mistake. In some situations, we may be able to fix the mistake prior to manufacture. However, we may need to cancel the order and have you resubmit the order with the correct information.

If the mistake is identified during or post-manufacture, additional charges may apply for correcting the mistake.

Please contact us to receive a time to upgrade discount code which you can enter at the ‘Ordering Cart’ stage of processing your order.

Please contact us to update the shipping address. Please note that this address must be the address for your dental clinic, oral appliances cannot be sent directly to patients.

If your order needed to be edited/updated at all i.e. promotions added after submission or changes to order configurations, you will receive a second order confirmation email for the same order.

‘On Hold’ means the dental records supplied have not met our requirements for production, or for IOS cases it may mean we have not yet received the digital scans. One of our lab technicians will contact you with further information. 

‘Pending’ means we have not yet received the dental records for this order. If impressions or models are being sent please allow time for delivery and review, if IOS scans are being sent please contact us to ensure we have received them.

‘Manufacturing’ Your order is currently being manufactured, once completed it will pass through our quality control then be invoiced and dispatched to you.

Yes, we still accept bank transfer payments. Please ensure you quote the invoice number or customer number (if you are paying a statement) with your payment or when paying multiple invoices include your customer number and send your remittance advice to This will ensure the correct invoices are accounted for by our finance team

Absolutely – SomAccount will be the only valid place for placing an order with SomnoMed from March 1, 2023. Once you have placed your order, simply print the order confirmation and send this with the models or impressions required for manufacture.

When processing your order make sure to select dental models / dental impression in the ‘Case Type’ within the Patient Details section. This will initial a courier pick up to be arranged by our team on receipt of your order, you will not need to call us to arrange a courier pick up.

Did you know a protrusive bite registration can be captured within your scan files? This is the easiest and most accurate way to get your protrusive bite registration to us. See the video here to learn how: How to take digital records for SomnoDent appliances

If you have provided a centric bite in the IOS scans and are wanting to send a physical bite, please select ‘dental impressions’ for the Case Type within the Patient Details section – this will initial a courier collection of the physical bite.

Please note this will result in an additional charge and potential delays to the turnaround time as we are required to 3D print the dental arches for articulation with the physical bite registration.

Once notification of your order has been received, we will arrange a courier to collect the models, impressions, and order confirmation from you. Please ensure that all models and impressions are ready to go before submitting an order to avoid issues with the couriers.

Please note all SomnoMed courier pickups are now completed by AusPost contractors. Models or impressions should be packed safely within a plain satchel (we send a return satchel with each completed order).

If your repair request is still in pending, received or manufacturing stage and has been deemed as a warranty free of charge repair/remake the order will be sitting in the ‘Open Orders – Paid’ section of your Order Management as there is nothing outstanding to be paid for this order.

The Help Centre is where you can view our FAQs and Ts and Cs, as well as submit enquiries based on your invoices (billing), logistics (ETA etc), technical (support from our lab team) or general other questions.