How SomnoMed Account Managers Help Treat More Sleep Apnea Patients, More Effectively

At SomnoMed®, we strongly believe that dentists can dramatically impact patients’ lives by treating their Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and improving their quality of sleep with a comfortable, effective oral appliance. We’re here to provide dentists (and therefore their patients) with the best patient-focused, technology-driven products and services in dental sleep medicine, and help dentists grow their Dental Sleep Medicine practices by Treating More OSA Patients, More Effectively. How do we do it? Through our North American team of SomnoMed Account Managers.


What Are SomnoMed Account Managers?


Increasingly across the United States and Canada, dentists are discovering the potential to change their patients lives by screening and treating them for snoring and its often associated condition of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).  With the largest network of sleep dentistry customers in the United States and Canada, SomnoMed’s field-based Account Managers (AMs) are responsible for helping these dentists to Treat More OSA Patients More Effectively with Oral Appliance Therapy.


How SomnoMed Account Managers Help Dentists Grow Their Sleep Dentistry Practices


SomnoMed Account Managers offer the education, services, resources, and product support to ensure success for dentists.

From onboarding dentists who are new to treating OSA with Oral Appliance Therapy to supporting SomnoMed’s most highly experienced sleep dentists to expand their sleep dentistry practices through our Medical Initiative, SomnoMed AMs ensure that all dental customer are:

  • Well informed of the field’s opportunities and challenges
  • Well trained in the clinical and operational aspects of sleep dentistry
  • Well connected with the most useful and highest integrity sleep industry companies, such as medical billing service providers, HST manufactures and services, IOS scanners, and education and sleep certification organizations
  • Well stocked with patient literature and marketing materials to educate patients and prescribers and promote their sleep dentistry services

SomnoMed Account Managers are also adept at assisting with SomnoMed device selection, and they provide training for dental offices on the proper use of our SomGauge.

Perhaps the most rewarding accomplishment of a SomnoMed Account Manager is when they introduce a new or newly qualified sleep dentist to a SomnoMed Business Development Manager (BDM).  From here, these highly qualified and experienced sleep dentists become members of SomnoMed’s Medical Initiative.

Join us – and meet our incredible Account Managers!

For dentists:

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