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At SomnoMed, we keep the patient at the centre of our focus and know that successful treatment is much more than just the device. With our commitment to helping patients return to their everyday lives as much as possible, we hope that this blog will give you valuable information on how you can manage your sleep apnea

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SomnoMed BDM team
Oral appliance therapy

SLEEP 2022

SLEEP 2022 This year, SomnoMed attended the world’s premier forum on sleep medicine and sleep and circadian research: SLEEP 2022, in Charlotte, NC. There, our

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SomnoMed Medical Initiative
Oral appliance therapy

Celebrating 30 Years of AADSM

Celebrating 30 Years of AADSM The AADSM Annual Meeting is the premier dental sleep medicine conference of the year, featuring the most clinically relevant and

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